Refund Policy

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with our refund policy. By ordering our products or services, you show that you have properly read this refund policy, and you fully agree with and accept the terms stated in this refund policy.

If you do not fully accept or agree with the terms and conditions stated in this refund policy, we ask that you do not place an order with us. If you have any questions regarding our refund policy, please contact us.

At Conscience Collaborations, LLC, we always strive to maintain the quality of our services and products; we are committed to providing 100% satisfaction to our clients and customers. We generally do not issue refunds once a transaction has been completed. We place the responsibility on purchasers to understand their duty to check and evaluate our services and products before purchase. However, we are aware that certain unforeseen circumstances may take place concerning the nature of doing business.

Services and products purchased from Conscience Collaborations, LLC, may be refunded only if canceled within the refund period specified within this policy. Some products and services have different policies or requirements for a refund associated with them, including some products that are not eligible for a refund under any circumstance. Please read below for refund terms applicable to such services and products.

DFY Websites
Done For You websites are customized websites that we build, which include:

  • A quality domain name
  • A customized logo
  • Keyword Research
  • 15k to 70k + words of top tier SEO Optimized content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Email Accounts
  • Social Media Banners
  • Branded Marketing Videos
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Other Customizations

As you can judge, this is no light matter transaction. Consequently, it is incumbent upon DFY purchasers to thoroughly perform their due diligence before purchasing any DFY website.

All DFY transactions are processed through our escrow company,; we adhere to their cancellation and refund policy, listed below:

How do Buyers or Sellers cancel transactions?
Prior to the agreement of terms by both parties, the Buyer or Seller can cancel the transaction by clicking the cancel button on the transaction detail screen.

After both parties have confirmed transaction details in the Agreement phase, either party may cancel the transaction, only if has not received the Buyer’s funds, by sending an email request to [email protected]. After funds are secured, the cancellation of a transaction can only be done by after notifying both parties.

Downloadable Digital Products
Downloadable digital products meet two requirements. Number one, they come in formats such as eBooks, .pdf files, podcasts, audio files, Excel, PowerPoint, Word docs, .png, .jpg and Flipbooks and Kindle books.

Secondly, they are delivered by Internet download only. After your purchase has been approved, orders are typically processed immediately but could take as long as twenty-four (24) hours to complete. Once your order has been processed, we will send you a confirmation email using the email address you provided on our order form.

This email will serve as your electronic purchase receipt and will contain the information you need to access your product downloads.

Downloads from our servers are closely monitored to ensure you have successfully accessed the products you ordered. While we are accommodating and allow you to complete a reasonable number of downloads, we will not tolerate download abuse. We reserve the right to terminate your access to our download servers. Conduct that is not acceptable as it relates to Downloadable Digital Products from Conscience Collaborations servers.

  • Passing your download link to others
  • Downloading purchased products from different computers
  • Downloading purchased products, then requesting a refund
  • Passing on purchased products to other users
  • Posting or distributing purchased products online by any means

Your satisfaction with our digital products is important to us. However, because our products are digital goods delivered via Internet download, we generally offer no refunds.

If you change your mind about your purchase and our server data indicates that you have not downloaded said product(s), we will happily issue you a refund upon your request, minus a 12% processing fee.

Refund requests made after you have successfully downloaded products from Conscience Collaborations servers are handled on a case-by-case basis and are solely at our discretion. Refund requests, if any, must be made within five(5) days of the original purchase.

Domain Names
Our quality domain names are offered through our Brand, Our escrow company,, processes all transactions. Click the following link for refund and cancellation policy concerning purchasing Domain Names.

Keyword Research
Our keyword research packages and services fall under the same refund policy as our Downloadable Digital Products.

Custom Logo Design
Concerning our custom logo designs, every order is processed with the required (mandatory) information. Type of logo shape desired, (i.e., circle, horizontal, vertical, half-moon, square, oblong, etc.) Also, we require the desired color scheme, as well as the concept(s) that you envision. The final requirement is detailed notes. The detailed notes are our way of ensuring there is no ambiguity concerning what you desire and expect and how that information is conveyed to and perceived by our project managers and logo designers.

This part is critical because you state (things, colors, shapes, etc.) that you do not want to see and any detailed thoughts that you may have that clarifies your vision. With all the required information, our logo designers will provide you with multiple concepts.

At Conscience Collaborations, we strive to provide extraordinary services. If you are not satisfied with our logo designers’ initial logo design concepts, you may request to have a re-design of a brand-new set of logo designs.

Alternatively, you may cancel your custom design logo at any time during the initial concepts phase of the design if you have not previously requested any revisions. Due to the nature of this type of order, we will only offer a partial refund of 50%. To request a refund, contact our Customer Service Team to request a Refund Request form. Upon timely receipt of the completed form, Conscience Collaborations, LLC will refund 50% of the payment made by you on the logo design package purchased.

You have three days after the initial concepts are delivered to request a refund. You may request a full refund until the point that our logo designers start on your project, minus a 12% processing fee.

DULY NOTE: You shall forfeit the right to any refund after any request for any revision has been made. You shall also forfeit the right to a refund if you do not respond in a timely manner to any status notification or communication from Conscience Collaborations, as defined above.

All refunds are issued within thirty business days from the day that the Refund Request was approved. You agree that your acceptance of the refund shall constitute your sole and exclusive remedy with respect to related Responses. Furthermore, you concede that you will have no right (express or implied) to use any concepts or other work product, content, or media, nor will you have any ownership interest in or to the same.

If you have any questions concerning our refund policy, please contact us VIA our Contact Us.