Domain Names – Know The Basics

Domain names can be perfectly simple at times. Purchasing the right domain name sets you on a path of success. Purchasing the wrong domain name puts you on the path of struggling online.

There are basically two ways to acquire a domain name, you can go to a registrar such as: Domain, Godaddy, MrDomain, Instra, or Yahoo and register a domain name, if it is available.

If it is not available, your second option is purchasing from any of the 3rd party sources such as a private owner, a domain name broker, a domain name squatter, a domain name investor, an auction or purchase an expired domain name. Since most of the top tier domain names are taken, your best choice will likely be the second option.

The second option means that you will pay a premium price for your targeted domain name. But, if your vision calls for that particular domain name, negotiate with the owner for a price the both of you can be happy with. If you are not comfortable with negotiating, hire a domain name broker. The overall price you pay will be well worth it – if you believe in your vision and have a business plan in hand to bring it into fruition.

Domain Name Rules

Never Commingle Domain Name And Hosting

Never register any domain at the same hosting company; even if they offer you a free domain with hosting, don’t do it unless that domain means nothing to you. That is a recipe for disaster on multiple levels. The most obvious ones are if the hosting company crashes, goes out of business, or is bought out, (which is common); so what happens to your domain name?

In most cases, you will have to fight to get your domain name transferred to another Domain Name Registrar. I’ll put it another way, never purchase a domain name from a web hosting company.

Never Check Availability Then Balk

Here’s the scenario; you’ve come up with a great name, you go to your favorite Domain Name Registrar to check its availability, and lo and behold, it’s available! LISTEN CAREFULLY! If you balk; meaning, if, instead of completing the domain purchase, you decide to watch Netflix, go to Starbucks, or start surfing on Amazon; that name is more likely than not, going to get snatched up by the registrar.

BE ADVISED: some registrars have systems in place to pounce on domain names as soon as you check availability but for whatever reason, you fail or refuse to complete that domain name purchase at that moment.

Beware of Intrusive Upsells

Purchasing a domain name used to be a cut and dry process until Registrars found out they could make a killing peddling useless upsells. I have no problem with capitalism, but I do take issue with the way these Registrars use trickery and underhanded tactics to impute their upsells on unsuspecting and unwilling buyers. To be crystal clear, you don’t need any of the domain name upsells. How these companies sneak additional charges into your domain name purchase without your knowledge is downright unethical.

Use a No-Frills Domain Name Registrar

You can still find Domain Name Registrars such as NameSilo, InternetBS, and PorkBun; that do not engage in shameless, expensive, useless, time-consuming upsells. And their renewal rates beat all of the big-name Registrar’s rates.

Always Check the Renewal Rates First

Don’t find out the hard way that renewal rates can be dramatically different from the initial registration price. Companies know that most people don’t bother checking the domain name renewal rates until they have been charged. Scan these renewal rates for dot coms.

  • Domain $13.99
  • Godaddy $18.17
  • MrDomain $18.30
  • Instra $56.00
  • Yahoo $35.00

Why pay those exorbitant rates when you can renew between $8.56 and 9.00$?

What Comes With The Domain Name?

If you choose the right domain name registrar, you will get whois privacy and the ability to make changes to your DNS included with the purchase. Other companies may add free SSL and email forwarding. Make sure that you check out the Registrar to confirm what they offer with each domain name minus any upsells.

Use For 3rd Party Domain Name Purchases

If you go the route of a 3rd party seller, be sure to use an escrow company such as Like any other high-volume business, there are crafty sellers and sneaky buyers that have ill intentions. By using a trusted escrow company, you protect yourself from domain shysters and domain fraud.

If you are going to build a successful company, your domain name is critical to your branding, identity, and success. Therefore, give your business name some thought and once you decide, move swiftly because great domain names are hard to come by.