Leaders Eat Last
Simon Sinek - Leaders Eat Last

Leaders Eat Last

Are you the type of Business Leader the people admire, respect, and want to follow? Do you have the traits that make up a great leader? Do the people see you as an authority or their leader? The answers to the questions will determine if you will fail or succeed as a Business Leader.

In this in-depth thought-provoking session, we present Simon Sinek. Simon is a leadership expert. He is probably most known from a Ted Talk that he did back in 2009, entitled, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”

That presentation has garnered over 13 million views and has changed countless lives. In addition, Simon has authored numerous best selling books related to leadership.

If you desire to be the type of leader people respect, admire, and want to follow, get undistracted, and prepare to be challenged like never before.

Let’s GO!