Be Ruthless in Business
Kevin O'Leary - Be Ruthless

Be Ruthless in Business

There are certain essential facets of business that all Entrepreneurs need to learn, discuss, and act on “IF” they are going to succeed in business. One such aspect is the notion of being nice versus being ruthless.

As an Entrepreneur, you will be called upon to make some tough decisions. For example, firing an employee, cutting lose an investor, stop doing business with a supplier, raise prices, and dealing with irate customers.

How you handle those situations will determine if you stunt your business growth or if you flourish. In this session, Kevin O’Leary of the Shark Tank sits down with CNBC co-anchor Tyler Mathisen and shares golden nuggets every Entrepreneur wished they knew before launching their business.

I promise, this session is not just an eye-opener; it is the way to solidifying your status as a respected and successful Entrepreneur.