Logo Design Frequently Asked Questions

Your logo artwork is of significant importance to you, and for great reason, it is a perfect declaration of what your company represents.

At “Conscience Collaborations,” we understand the significance of this decision; consequently, in your quest to obtain a fantastic custom logo, you likely have several questions.

Your Dream Logo

We have summarized the most frequently asked questions in non-technical lingo and in an easy to follow format for your convenience.

If, after scanning our logo design FAQs, your question is not addressed, please feel free to contact us, and a member of our Graphics Design Team will respond to your query.

Do You Use Logo Templates?
No, we do not! Your logo will be custom made by our expert graphic designers.

Do You Resell Your Logo Designs?
Absolutely not! All of our designs are designed from your vision and customized specifically for you.

What Format Will My Logo Files Be Delivered In?
We will deliver your Custom Logo in the seven different file formats listed below at no additional charge.

      • ai (Adobe Illustrator Artwork)
      • eps (Encapsulated PostScript)
      • jpg (JPG File)
      • pdf (Adobe Acrobat Document)
      • png (PNG File)
      • psd (Adobe Photoshop Image)
      • svg (SVG Document)

As you can see, you have files for web use, digital and print use. Keep in mind, with most other logo designers, you will not receive these files unless you pay additional fees.

How Are The Final Files Delivered To Me?
The above files are delivered in a .zip file (for example yourlogo.zip). You will need a .zip file opener such as WinZip, 7-Zip, ezyZip, Zipware, ZipFree, etc.

Why Is Your Pricing So Low?
This is a temporary opportunity. Our game plan is to build a portfolio of 4000 logos by the time we launch our Logo Design Company in 2021. By providing you with a custom logo and the seven associated files, this deal is a no-brainer! Basically, we are helping each other.

What’s The Time Frame For Delivery?
After your order has been processed, we take approximately eight business days, unless otherwise specified. If there is a change in delivery time, we will notify you when you place your order.

How Do I Track My Order?
Once your order is placed, we use a (CRM) Customer Relations Management software to keep you updated, exchange files, and submit concepts. If you need to send us any files, you can do so through our CRM. Any communications between us going forward will be through our CRM.

How Many Logo Design Concepts Will I Receive?
Depending on the design and the answers you provide on the logo design questionnaire, we will present three to four concepts.

What Happens If I Don’t Like Any of The Concepts?
If you are unhappy with any of the concepts, we will first determine where the miscommunication happened and go back to the drawing board to present you with at least one other concept.

What If I Like a Design But Would Like a Revision?
If you need a revision, we provide those at no additional charge. Our mission is to deliver you a fantastic logo that will masterfully represent your brand.

Who Retains The Copyrights of The Logo Design?
Once your order is complete, you become the legal copyright owner and retain all the logo and artwork copyrights.

What Is The Price of My Custom Logo Design?
We have one package, which is one custom logo, generally priced at $289.00. But, for our pre-launch special, your price is only $39.50. As you can see, that discount is phenomenal!

Are There Any Hidden Or Additional Charges?
With any products or services that we provide, we believe in full disclosure. Consequently, there are no hidden or additional charges to speak of; you pay the stated price and nothing more.

Do You Provide Any Other Graphics Design Services?
We do provide other graphic design services but not publicly. If you need additional services, contact us with your request.

What If I Have a Question That Is Not Listed Here?
We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. All you have to do is contact us with your question(s).