Learn The 6 Point RULE of Successful Business Building
Successful Business Building Starts With The 6-Point Rule

Learn The 6 Point RULE of Successful Business Building

Successful business building requires a variety of critical attributes that many Entrepreneurs fail to recognize, and that is one primary reason why they fail.

As a budding Entrepreneur, if you learn and embrace the 6-point RULE of successful business building, you will save yourself lots of unnecessary headaches, frustrations, and disappointments.

If you fail to learn this 6 point RULE or refuse to live by it once you learn it (I hope that is not the case), you may become a glutton for “PEP” Perpetual Entrepreneurial Punishment.

Please tell me that’s not you!

Before I share the 6-point RULE of successful business building, follow me for a moment.

Billy Gene Is Marketing

I was recently listening to multi-millionaire, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Billy Gene Shaw III, tell the story of how he was at one point, living in his parent’s house, while over $50k in debt.

If that was not bad enough, Shaw went on to share how he was temporarily living in his car.

And! If that wasn’t enough, it gets worse!

When his vehicle (slash home on wheels) got towed, he did not have the funds to pay the impound fees.

Technically, he was homeless.

Like many Entrepreneurs, Shaw had numerous business failures.

He started a mobile oil change service that tanked.

To make money, he ended up in a telemarketing boiler room making 600 cold calls per day trying to sell courses for an online college; that tanked.

While in his parent’s home, racked to his neck in debt, he started selling digital courses to help people quit smoking. That tanked!

Raise your hand if you’ve been there before?

You start a business with high expectations, and then BOOM! It implodes.

In between business startups, you take JOBs to pay the bills and raise money for your next venture.

You muster up the wherewithal, to start another venture, and then BOOM! It crashes and burns.

You’ve got payments past due and creditors hot on your trail.

Almost everyone thinks you’re a failure; they’ve been pleading with you to get a real job.

But doggone it!

That fire to succeed is BURNING in your core being, and it cannot be extinguished.

So, how did Billy flip the switch from being a serial Entrepreneurial failure to become one of the top online Marketing Geniuses in the Internet Marketing sphere?

Answer: he finally discovered and embraced the most 6-point RULE of successful business building.

6 Point RULE of
Successful Business Building

Billy Gene Shaw III discovered his niche, which was creating Video Advertisements for local businesses.

At that moment, after he made his first $5.00 from an ad while he was sleeping, he knew the formula from his previous business experiences. Rinse and repeat, then scale up!

From there, Shaw proceeded to employ all of the elements of the most 6-point RULE of successful Business Building.

He honed his craft

He put himself around winning warriors

He had a plan

He defined his core audience

He mastered their lingo

And, the rest is history!

Today, Billy Gene has accumulated well over 300 million views on Facebook and Youtube.

Not to mention that he has made MILLIONS in the process.

Here’s your Entrepreneurial homework assignment; make a list of around twelve highly successful Entrepreneurs. Examine, listen to, and read their stories of success.

You will find that they all live by the 6-point RULE of successful Business Building.

Don’t take my word for it; DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

You’re going to find that successful business building begins to click on all cylinders once you embrace this 6-point rule.