Elevator Pitch For Business – You BETTER Have One!
Elevator Pitch For Business

Elevator Pitch For Business – You BETTER Have One!

This little known but potent tool, the Elevator Pitch for Business is the ultimate deal maker on many levels. Let’s face it, for every business, the concept of earning profits starts and ends with clients.

You receive orders or service requests from clients and deliver the goods or services with the hopes of developing long-term business relationships. Those relationships are not limited to the exchange of money for services or products.

Clients also bring an intangible but vital part of your company to the surface, your company’s true essence and value. Without their unmeasurable assistance, you would not have the opportunity for phenomenal growth.

Obviously, without clients, your business will see zero growth. That is why it is essential to attract clients from your launch date. One incredible instrument for capturing clients’ interest, attracting investors, and securing funding is the Elevator Pitch for Business.

There will be plenty of times when you only have a few moments to make an impactful impression on potential clients, investors, bankers, crowd funders, and angel investors.

What will you say? How will you say it? Will it be enough or too much? Will you inspire them to set up a meetup? Or, discourage them from proceeding further? Will you strike out or hit a home run? The Business Elevator Pitch is the answer to all the questions.

What Is a Elevator Pitch For Business?

It can best be defined as an advertisement, a commercial, or infomercial. It must be compelling, spark interest, command attention, and stimulate the hearer(s) to take a positive action with you.

The BEP integrates with the ABCs of selling, which is Always Be Closing!

The Business Elevator Pitch does not come in a one size fits all structure; it is designed by the presenter to accommodate any scenario.

Here are three of the most common formats:

Perfect Elevator Pitch

These presentations are pre-prepared; the presenter is ready to deliver either format at the dime drop.

What are the primary elements of the Elevator Pitch for Business?

If your Business Elevator Pitch is on point, you will get appointments, leads, opportunities to close deals, and funding. If your pitch needs a slight adjustment or a complete overhaul, your hearers will walk away, unimpressed, and possibly annoyed.

What Are The Qualities of a Great Elevator Pitch For Business?

Businesses are always looking for solutions to the issues they face. Some companies want to build a better mousetrap; still, others seek to be innovators in their market, industry, or niche.

Consequently, they expect to hear sales pitches, presentations, and receive cold calls; it is the nature of the beast.

You must grasp this next point; these companies need to hear what you are pitching! You have the solution to their problems. You hold the key to them becoming innovators.

You hold that last piece of the puzzle to help them build a better mousetrap. Those thought processes are the building blocks to a great Business Elevator Pitch.

Take note of these qualities:

Best Elevator Pitch

When Should You Use Your Elevator Pitch For Business?

Timing is everything! But, there are times when a Business Elevator Pitch is inappropriate; this is true even though you can shine within that 30 to 120-second window.

You must be mindful of other’s time constraints. You will always need to maintain situational awareness. Unquestionably, the best time to shine is scenarios where you are invited or encouraged to show what you’ve got.

Creating Your Business Elevator Pitch

When crafting an elevator pitch, remember, there is no one size fits all. Before we share the basic layout, let’s talk about the preparation going on behind the scenes that make a Business Elevator Pitch go from good to great to SPECTACULAR!

Before any presentation:

The key to successful Elevator Pitches for Businesses is practice, practice, and more practice. You will be dull or razor-sharp based on your pre-pitch preparation. When prospective clients shoot questions at you, like a seasoned, witty, ad-lib comedian, you smoothly fire off the answers.

You are never nervous, intimidated, or out of sorts. Instead, you are buzzing with assured, quiet confidence. That stated, here is a basic Elevator Pitch for Business template:

In closing, prepare as if your life depends on it.; leave no stone unturned! The better your preparation, the better your delivery. The Elevator Pitch for Business is a powerful tool; use it to improve your bottom line, TODAY!